May 26, 2015

We are continuing to learn about butterflies in anticipation of our caterpillars arriving (hopefully, soon). We will be completing our Know, Want to Learn and Learned chart (KWL) on Friday to review all the cool facts we have learned about butterflies. We will be completing butterfly life-cycle puppets that you and your child can use at home to act out the butterfly life-cycle! Keep an eye out for those to come home on Friday. The Peggy Noebaert Nature Museum has a wonderful butterfly room and exhibit. It would be a great visit for you and your family!

If you get a chance have your child bring you to our garden so you can see all of the things they have planted. The plants are growing beautifully and the children are so proud of their hard work! We have some very successful gardeners in room 411!

We are starting to wash our toys and manipulatives and telling our toys “Good Night” just like from the story Goodnight Moon. By washing the toys, and putting them away a few at a time, children are taking ownership of the classroom. They are also getting a sense of closure of for the 2014-2015 school year. Washing the toys and telling them “goodnight” (and putting them away) really helps them with the transition into summer in a way that is developmentally appropriate. It also brings up great conversation about what is to come in the next school year (transitions to kindergarten or another year of pre-k).

We are finished with our letter of the week! Thanks to everyone that has contributed!


We Need: Dish soap, Gallon bags (or the huge ziplocks are even better) and disinfecting wipes

Have a great week!
Mandi Heiser

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