April 27, 2015

We will continue this week with our Eric Carle book study. We will be reading the book Little Cloud, The Grouchy Lady Bug and The Tiny Seed. We will compare and contrast how Eric Carles book are the same and how they are different. We will discuss the characteristics that let us know a story is written by Eric Carle (author voice through text).

In small groups, we will be doing numeral hunts differentiated by student ability. We will also be playing a letter game where (depending on development level) student’s identify the letter/letter sound and mark it on a graph. We will then examine the graph to determine things like the most, equal, least.

We will be creating scientific journals that document the growth and changes that are happening to our seedlings. We will measure, compare and write about how our plants are changing and growing.

Our letter of the week is W. Please send in your small W pictures with your child’s name on the back to school by Wednesday.

We are in dire need of paper towels and shaving cream and windex. If you are able to donate please do so!

Have a wonderful week!
Mandi Heiser

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