September 15th


Thanks to everyone who has brought in school supplies! We so appreciate having what we need in the classroom. We are continuing our study on the garden and fruits and vegetables. This week we tasted some kale chips made from the kale in the school garden!

We are working hard to build a positive classroom community. This week we will be learning more about one another by creating age graphs, eye color charts and creating posters that show how many people we have in our families! We also will be discussing what makes a good classroom citizen. This will help us become good friends to one another, respect the teacher and the classroom.

Thank-you to all of you who have filled out the volunteer packets! Also I appreciate those of you who offered to volunteer from home by making play-doh and helping with Scholastic orders!

Don’t forget! Our entrance and exit routine has changed! You will still enter through the glass doors, but you MUST exit through the main doors. We make changes to ensure student safety and we appreciate your understanding.

Please be sure to drop off and pick up your child promptly. We understand things occasionally come up, but Miss Maggie and I typically wait 30 to 40 minutes a day for parents to pick up their children after dismissal. If you are late and no one is in the classroom, please check the office. Your child may be waiting for you there.

This Wednesday is our open house from 5-7. I will present at 5:15 and 6:15 in room 411.  We hope you can make it. I will be sharing our handbook and our classroom procedures.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Mandi Heiser

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